Based on the principles of Scrum and the Agile Manifesto, provides comprehensive training, assessments and certifications to improve the profession of software delivery. Throughout the world, our solutions and community of Professional Scrum Trainers empower people and organizations to achieve agility through Scrum. Ken Schwaber, the co-creator of Scrum, founded in 2009 as a global organization, dedicating himself to improving the profession of software delivery by reducing the gaps so the work and work products are dependable. Follow us on Twitter @scrumdotorg and read more from our community of experts on the blog.



Endava is a public technology company, with over 17 years of experience working with some of the world's leading Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Media, Technology, and Retail companies. Through the Digital Evolution, Agile Transformation and Automation solutions, Endava helps its clients be more engaging, responsive and efficient by supporting them from ideation to production.

Endava has 4,700 employees located in offices in North America and Western Europe and delivery centres in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Colombia.

Scott Logic

Scott Logic

At Scott Logic, we design and build software that transforms the performance of some of the world’s biggest and most demanding organisations. From capital markets and commodities to complex public services, our consultants combine innovation, experience and pragmatism to deliver measurable results with every project. 

Continuous Delivery Consulting

Continuous Delivery Consulting

Continuous Delivery Consulting is a Continuous Delivery consultancy based in London, UK. We focus on helping people to apply the principles and practices of Continuous Delivery to the specific needs of their organisation, via consultancy work and training courses.

We have a well-established track record of helping financial, media, governmental, and retail organisations to grow their revenues by rapidly delivering software to customers. 

We are a prominent voice in the worldwide Continuous Delivery community. Our founder Steve Smith was an early adopter of Continuous Delivery practices, and is a regular conference speaker and author.

Balsamiq logo


Balsamiq is the maker of the industry-leading rapid wireframing software that combines the simplicity of paper sketching with the power of a digital tool so that teams can focus on what's important. Balsamiq is a small and personable company that competes on usability and customer service. Balsamiq believes work should be fun, and that life is too short for bad software. 

Community Groups

Agile Coaching Serbia

Agile Coaching Serbia logo

Agile Coaching Serbia is the first Agile community in Serbia (endorsed by Scrum Alliance since 2014. The community's basic goals are raising the awareness about Agility, as well as, growth of every member through knowledge and experience sharing.

We exist to:

  • Share the free knowledge
  • Connect
  • Critique
  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Travel to conferences together
  • Always put people in the first place before profit
  • Grow together

Read this blog post (in Serbian only) that explains in details how we started and developed as a community and why we exist: 

London Agilists

London Agilists logo

Meeting approximately once a month, London Agilists is a group for anyone interested in agile or lean ways of working.Our focus is primarily on software, web and mobile delivery but we're occasionally cover topics beyond this.

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